Information Provided Under Japan's Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Sales Price

The sales price will be the displayed amount (display price / consumption tax included).
In addition, a delivery fee may be charged separately. Please check the product details page for shipping charges.


Timing and Method of Payment of Price

·Payment Method
Credit card payment is available.
Payment timing Payment is confirmed at the time of product order. (Including reservation sales)

支払時期 商品注文時点でお支払いが確定いたします。(予約販売も含む)

Returns Policy

About returns:
If you wish to replace the defective product, please contact us within 7 days of arrival, we will respond promptly.
* In the case of initial failure, exchange is accepted but returned goods are not accepted. We will accept returns only if there is no stock for replacement.
Therefore, if you want to return goods instead of exchange due to initial failure, it will be customer convenience in principle.
* In case of return or cancellation for customer's convenience, 5% of the price has already been paid as a settlement fee, so it will be refunded with the amount deducted. You will be responsible for all returns and initial shipping costs.
* Please note that we cannot accept products that are past due.
* Depending on the color of the monitor you are looking at, the color may differ from the actual product. Please use it after understanding and understanding in advance.

※ 初期不良の場合は交換は承れますが返品は承れません。交換品の在庫がない場合のみ返品対応させていただきます。
※ お客様都合での返品・キャンセルの場合は、代金の5%がすでに決済手数料としてかかっておりますので、その代金を差し引いた金額での返金になります。また、返品および最初にかかりました送料はお客様の負担となります。
※ 期日を過ぎた商品につきましては承りかねますのでご了承下さい。
※ お客様のご覧になっているモニターの色の違いにより、実際の 商品と色味が異なる場合がございます。予めご理解ご了承の上ご利 用ください。

Delivery Period for Services or Goods

Upon receipt of payment, we will ship within 5 business days.
Pre-ordered items are listed on their respective product pages with shipping dates.



Name and Contact Information of Company


Glocal Signal.Co.,Ltd Online store division




1F KT Building,3-3-21,Namiki,Kawaguchi-city, 埼玉県 3320034

Phone Number


Business hours: Weekdays 9:00 to 17:00
Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays New Year holidays Obon
License: curio dealer license No. 431030035366 No. Saitama Public Safety Commission